Tuan’s approach to solving problems is genuine and refreshing!” – FrankD’Amato
Your undying leadership is truly inspirational. Merci!” – Dr. Marc Engfield, M.D

Family First

Tuan was just a size of a nugget when he left Vietnam in 1975. His family left Vietnam as part of the Vietnamese Boat People with the hopes of a better life. His journey was hit with challenges including dehydration that took his pulse away at his infant stage. It is with great luck that an U.S Carrier picked them up and he was essentially shocked back to life. It the reason why Tuan’s hair is fluffy and refuses to stand down. This very fight to live even as an infant has been his foundation to live life to the fullest. Family is everything to Tuan. They have been the rock the he’s leaned on throughout all of his projects – entrepreneurial and philanthropic. And it is his very family that he’s achieved the amount of success in generating millions of dollars with most of it directed back to the community.

Community Dude

Tuan’s parents taught him about gratitude – for how the U.S and Canada saved our family and how many charitable organizations helped our families for many years. He also never forgot how health professionals saved his life. He dedicated his entire life to giving back and develop the sense of gratitude for positive thinking and happiness. Since the age of 14, he has turned all of his events into a charity event, from his birthdays to sports tournaments to music concerts. By the age of 25, he leveraged his business education, work experience, and network to fund-raise $1,000,000. This in turn, put Tuan and the radar of businesses and entrepreneurs and naturally to the birth of a series of successful businesses and public speaking engagements. With this, he received many accolades including having his name engraved on the Wall of Inspiration at City Hall.

Tuan has delivered over 200 ultra inspiring, educational and engaging speeches including two TEDxTalks!

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The Rise and Fall..and Rise Again

The Rise

Tuan’s early startups included a window cleaning franchise, Soft-T Professionals, with the help of his former professor, the late Peter Koppel, taught soft-skills to IT executives and a marketing agency that focused on digital solutions in the mid-90’s. He sold the latter companies privately and started a marketing firm focused on retention strategies (Open Space Marketing) and also joined his friends to grow multi-million dollar Internet directory portals (Canadiankiosk.ca). Tuan led the convention and health verticals. He’s received many awards, participated on major charity boards, and took his journey global. Life was great. After a decade of operating these portals, Tuan wanted to completely focus on the Health Industry – both conventional and complimentary/alternative medicine.

The Fall…and Rise Again

Tuan had a great fall in his life when his marriage came to an end and left him completely unfocused. It was three years of great challenge to his ego, confidence, and health. He sought advice from great leaders and healers. The return led to his own personal transformation and a clarification of his purpose: helping people all over the world live healthier lives by helping healing practitioners grow their practices. And with this renaissance, he has made a commitment to leverage over 20 years of success and great lessons in life and leadership to help healing practitioners turn into world-class, successful leaders. The Rise is truly where the art of leadership begins.

Harry Rosen and I with my Top Forty Under 40 Award!

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Our entire of team of healthgenies are brilliant and live with great compassion. They are living the extraordinary life they deserve.

If you want to truly reach your potential and live your purpose, apply for the Leadership Lifestyle coaching program.

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