“The best advice comes from those who have been fully accountable for their decisions. No one is more accountable than the business owner themselves. This is why business owners like to talk to business owners. ” – Tuan Nguyen, Chief Genie

The HealthGenies are highly successful business owners and understand that sometimes, fellow business owners need:

  • someone (or a team) to come in, like a FLY team, help overcome challenges and achieve greater success…and happiness!
  • someone to help remove all the clutter that weighs down every business after years of business
  • someone who can teach valuable lessons around the latest of marketing that works!

HealthGenies is our community of awesome, innovative and ambitious group of business owners who run highly successful multimillion dollar businesses. After years of helping fellow business owners overcome significant barriers to succeed, it was inevitable – the community of HealthGenies was growing.

Hip. Experienced. Community-minded

  • Mark Laham
    Mark LahamHealthGenie

    Areas of Focus: Leadership coaching, Stress and anxiety management, public speaking

    Charities: Ottawa Heart Institute, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and several local ones

    Passions: Yoga, Music, Travel

  • Stephen Lau
      Stephen LauHealthGenie

      Areas of Focus: Business advisory, Web Marketing Strategy

      Charities: Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Elizabeth Bruyere Hospital Foundation, Cancer Foundation

      Passions: Cooking, Architecture/Art

    • Matt Britt
        Matt BrittHealthGenie

        Areas of Focus: Leadership coaching, Sales and business development guru, public speaking

        Charities: Charities that give access to food to the needy, Children’s Wish Foundation

        Passions: Travel, Sports, Reading…lots of it, Yoga

      • Vik Dhawan
          Vik DhawanHealthGenie

          Areas of Focus: Leadership coaching, Business Advisory

          Charities: YMCA, Cancer Society, Diabetes Associations

          Passions: Basketball, Self-improvement, music, family

        • Mia St-Aubin
            Mia St-AubinHealthGenie

            Areas of Focus: Leadership coaching, Work-life balance, public speaking

            Charities: Women’s shelters, Mental health for women, Child-obesity-related

            Passions: Running, lots of running, fashion, music

          • Tuan Nguyen
            Tuan NguyenChief Genie

            Focus areas: Business advisory, leadership coaching, public speaking

            Charities: Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, United Way, YMCA, lots of small local ones!

            Passions: Dance, Music, Family, Self-Improvement, Leadership


          • Master Phil Nguyen (VII dan)
              Master Phil Nguyen (VII dan)HealthGenie

              Areas of Focus: Leadership coaching, Author & books, Public speaking, Tae Kwon Do!

              Charities: Anti-bullying, Western Ottawa Resource Centre

              Passions: Family, food, visual arts

              Fact: Not related to Tuan Nguyen!

            • Stephanie Karlovitz
                Stephanie KarlovitzHealthGenie

                Areas of Focus: Business advisory, Leadership coaching, Customer Service, public speaking

                Charities: Dream Mountain, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundaton

                Passions: Yoga, Music, Sports

              • Jay Wong
                Jay WongHealthGenie

                Areas of Focus: Digital Marketing, Leadership coaching, Personal branding, Public speaking

                Charities: Sustainable initiatives, Junior achievement

                Passions: Travel, Food, Dance, Working out


              Information becomes wisdom only when it has value. Then it is passed on. Wisdom is a collection of experiences aligned for the purpose of bettering communities. Communities are the true creators of wisdom – not one person. The one person is simply chosen by the universe as the messenger. This is the philosophy of HealthGenie. It is why our goal is to help develop and discover more HealthGenies and by virtue of that, we become stronger HealthGenies ourselves .

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