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“The best advice comes from those who have been fully accountable for their decisions. No one is more accountable than the business owner themselves. This is why business owners like to talk to business owners. ” – Tuan Nguyen, Chief Genie

We are NOT coaches. We are NOT consultants. We have our own businesses to worry about! However, through HealthGenie, we can share all our strategies and development programs so you can apply it yourself.

HealthGenies is our community of awesome, innovative and ambitious group of business owners who run highly successful multimillion dollar businesses.

With limited time in all of our hands, rather than offering consulting services, we offer training services to help you and your team level up on the skill required to succeed in today’s competitiveness within the health industry.

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Hip. Experienced. Community-minded

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Information becomes wisdom only when it has value. Then it is passed on. Wisdom is a collection of experiences aligned for the purpose of bettering communities. Communities are the true creators of wisdom – not one person. The one person is simply chosen by the universe as the messenger. This is the philosophy of HealthGenie. It is why our goal is to help develop and discover more HealthGenies and by virtue of that, we become stronger HealthGenies ourselves .

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