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Our training programs support health-related organizations, consultants and coaches who are realizing that since the advent of internet, deregulation and increased ability to access capital, not only has the competition risen, but the demands from prospective clients/customers have also risen.

And to address this is by levelling up the skills, knowledge and experiences of  you and your team like never done before by your professional associations and educational program.

Below are sample programs in which we customize to help our clients achieve specific goals in bettering the skills, knowledge and experience for your entire time.

1. Marketing-Driving Health Practitioner Training I

This program is meant for primarily health organizations such as dental, medical, mental and physical therapy clinics where there is staff is various functional areas such as administration, treatment assistants or the health practitioner herself or himself. The training program will support organizations in developing the business and communications skills to support in clinic growth, customer attraction and retention and therefore, increase in job and company value.

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2. Profitable Business Launch Training for Solopreneurs in Health

This program is for the individual health practitioner working out of their home or renting space in a clinic/office. We provide the skills and education for a launch or relaunch of their business so that builds towards profitability and ultimately, positive impact in this world. Our program is not just about online funnels and content, but we provide training on the financial and operational side of every business, and more importantly, catered for the one-person business.

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3. Leadership Lifestyle Training Program

This program is designed for the leader/owner of a clinic or even a solopreneur practitioner who is ready and believes that increase their leadership within their business and their community will be the key to unlocking their true impact and meaning. This is not a coaching program – it is a educational and training program that is meant to help you gain and develop the skills, knowledge and experience you need to incorporate and up your leadership game in all parts of your life.

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Program Pillars of Health Genie Academy

1. Business Acumen: Most healers and administrators are not trained to be business professionals. It is the realization that one must run a successful business in order to keep on healing is when a revelation is realized: I am a business person and my product is my healing art. Rather than my business is healing and I need clients to keep healing. It’s so fundamental, but very important. And from this point, they realize they need to learn strategy, business models, etc. They can talk to friends and search the web, but at the end the business is on their shoulders.

2. Management: Many people have risked and have one of two problems.

(i) They have so much to do, lots of time, but no idea how to effectively prioritize and carry out each task. They invested and put everything into their business for a chance of a successful practice.

(ii) They have very little time. They are doing this part-time, or is a single-parent and trying to manage a hectic life . Whatever it is, they need to get the RIGHT things done in very little time.

Either problem, the art of management needs to be developed. We help provide frameworks and anecdotes to help manage and prioritize businesses issues.

3. Leadership skills: At the end of the day, the driver is the most accountable part of the business. What is leadership skills?

  • Seeing the vision and purpose throughout all conditions
  • Finding the opportunities and ability to adapt and inspire
  • Being able to rise, fall..and rise again.
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