Leadership Lifestyle Training Program

Feel Leadership Within Your Soul

If you know that the success, the impact and the meaning in your life depends on developing leadership skills in all areas of your life, that welcome to our Leadership Lifestyle Training Program!

TWO Main Types of Health Practitioners In Our Leadership Program

Not giving up! I believe in my purpose and ready to define my life!”

Solo healing practitioners who have reached a period in what we call, vision realization. Meaning, whether the business is growing, failing, or stagnant, they know their purpose is clear and understand it requires working closely with those who have succeeded to develop the mentality and frameworks required for success. They realize that success is in fact, not divided between personal and business. They want to make it  a lifestyle. However, they face several challenges:

  • Unsure as to what part of the business is truly mission critical
  • Staying organized despite tons of “fires”
  • Understanding what is preventing their business and them from growing
  • Feeling a sense of loneliness
  • Not every hat seems to fit – for some, accounting is not their “thing”

Ok, There HAS to be a way to take this puppy to a greater impact!!!”

Healing practitioners who have already recognized that they are business professionals – they are entrepreneurs. A success by peers, they run a fair size business and generating a healthy revenue. They understand that their art is the healing and the vehicle is a business to deliver it. They know they can be bigger. They know they’re potential is greater. They know their purpose is deeper. However., they face several challenges:

  • Going through a feast and famine and not generating consistent income
  • Riddled with stress from a lack of time, resource, and focus
  • Caught in a tunnel vision where it is getting tough to see their own business from an outside and fresh perspective
  • Not sure what technologies and processes to implement – too many options!
  • Personal relationships experiencing stress
  • Health challenges and balance become a bigger issue
  • The big question: How much do I really have to sacrifice for success?

Welcome to the HealthGenie Leadership Lifestyle Program!

A powerful program designed specifically for ordinary healing practitioners with extraordinary vision

This 6-month program designed around of individuals just like you! HOW? I have been exactly where you are today. I have gone from zero to hero to zero and back to hero.

Creating frameworks, systems, and most importantly, developing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual strength to achieve great success is what the HealthGenie Leadership Lifestyle is all about. To weather through storms. To inspire and move mountains of people in our envisioned direction. I have surrounded myself with my own coaches, trainers, counsellors and mentors. And now, I am making myself available to be among your team as my life is purpose is to help the healing practitioner communities as several have helped me.

Over the last year, I have dedicated my life to putting together all my 20 years of lessons in life, leadership, and business to bring to you something that has and will further define my life – which in turn, will be completely impacted by your success and happiness. I proudly and confidently present you my Leadership Lifestyle Program. My goal is to help develop more HealthGenies to help others like you, grow stronger and heal more.

HealthGenie Leadership Lifestyle Program

  • Full Professional Detox

    Straight up - you'll clean up crap, remove professional toxins, and build a strong foundation around YOU.

  • Vision and Strategy

    Your life can only be as big as your vision. You are tested to stretch it further and see how it can be realized.

  • Mentality

    You will learn how to unleash the power of your mind leveraging neurosciences and powerful conversations.

  • Your A.C.E Card

    You will learn the system to build your annual A.C.E cards - Aptitude, Communities, and Enterprises

  • Energy and Inspiration

    Learn how to fuel yourself. The oxygen for leadership mentality is now you derive energy and inspiration from within.

Process and Commitment

  • We get into a safe space for a chat
  • If the vibe feels like it’s going to rock, we chat more
  • We talk about your goals and your challenges
  • I offer you some immediate solutions where I can
  • We part ways and you can think about if I can help you reach your goals
  • We engage into a wicked cool relationship around authenticity, love, gratitude and positive energy
  • We dance for 6 months to start :)
  • Investment: $5,000USD per month (50% upfront)

Who we work with

  • People who believe in their magic touch
  • People who believe that they deserve to live an extraordinary life
  • People who believe in the power of the present moment
  • People who will work hard for the power they know they have
  • People who believe in the mind, body, spirit connection
  • People who are excited about life and full of love
  • People who inspire us

We don't work with

  • Those who get into the blame game
  • Those who do not come present to our meetings
  • Those who will not work harder than us at their own life
  • Those looking for a quick short-term fix
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