My healing practice’s healing point:

“Realizing that I had to learn how to run a successful business in order to continue healing people rather than trying to heal people as the basis of a successful practice.” – Heather

 Profitable Business Launch Program for Health Solopreneurs

Our purpose of this course is to help solo health practitioners and coaches live an extraordinary life and do what you love and make a living out of it. Our classes were designed by business professionals, the Heath Genies, who have succeeded right from their business -who have experienced the rise and fall..and rise again of running small businesses. This is over 20 years of experiences in one powerful program. Every Health Genie can be Googled and you can verify the experience that goes into our programs.

This program supports you in understanding and leveraging the most current and upcoming opportunities to transform and grow your business. The market these days changes so often – from new competition to new technologies to even more modalities and healing practices coming to the forefront. How do we know it works? We are in business as well. We are experimenting with all these strategies to learn which ones work for our individual businesses. And our goal is to help you find the right strategies and tactics that will work for you.

Module 1: Engage your art. Look at your healing art from fresh eyes with our assessment and detox frameworks; and learn how to engage yourself, your art, and develop a profitable business plan that focuses connecting you to your audience. Are you among those who has the challenge of connecting with they do to the “normal” world!


  1. Business foundation detox
  2. Solo-preneur leadership
  3. Connective business plan: strategy
  4. Connective business plan: financial

Module 2: EngineCreate. Take your Connective Business Plan and learn how to put it into action to drive measurable results. To be able to monitor tactics. The art to creating a successful business is keeping a constant pulse on tactics and adjusting accordingly to drive more business in more profitable areas of the business.


  1. Selling without spooking
  2. Googlizing your business
  3. Human resourcefulness
  4. Social media simplified

Module 3: Value enhancement. You will make money in one of two ways: (1) increase the value of your service and (2) increase the different ways you can generate income. (1) is about how do we meet even more needs and crisis out there. (2) is about who else can we target to use this same information.


  1. Tentacular income streams
  2. S.U.N Octane performance
  3. Your Business Oximetre
  4. Networking 101

Will you get this EXACT program? It will depend if the Chief Genie feels an augmentation is required or something very new, current, or innovative should be added or replaced. It’s the beauty of our new times – we can react and move swiftly to maximize value and return for our customers.

If you are ready to get working on your business, we are ready to be your guide. [APPLY now for the Summer special!!!)


Self-Honesty time: Are you still in dream-stage?

Be honest with yourself for you

Many healers, though intentions are great, stay in dream stage – riding a magic carpet ride and healing. It’s hard to be honest with ourselves and often, we stay in the dream stage and not truly face our challenges as we are afraid to deal with them – such as business problems. We make excuses even though we don’t intent do. We all do it and we need constant reminders and processes to get us out of it.

However, we can’t just stay dreamy on this magic carpet ride. We need to be able to move things forward and growing. We can’t just talk about healing people – we need to find people to heal and not suffering trying to find more people to heal. And people who are willing to pay for their healing services. And we need to have fun. We need to feel sexy in our business. We need to feel the passion come through our fingertips.

Whether you are looking to re-visit your business because you’ve been struggling to make it work or about to start your a new venture, the process for a solopreneur is very similar.

You ‘simply’ need to do three things:

1) Get your business ready for…wait for it… business!

2) Be your strength to lead your business into prosperity!

3) Do a good job at healing people

Ok, so we cannot help you with your healing art, but we’ve helped many on the business side. We’ve seen the typical stages through which our clients undergo.

Typical stages of a solo health practitioner trying to succeed

  • Purposefully energized, strong and focused
  • Together we can heal (like joining a wellness centre or creating associations)
  • Yay, patients and cash!
  • Gotta cover rent or have to pay down debt
  • I’m so busy, but not making much
  • Close eyes and start swinging
  • Not having fun anymore – can someone help me…I don’t want to give up!

Only after really trying to make a healing practice work do healers know…

What is REALLY expected of health professionals?

  • Be expert healers
  • Be amazing at communication
  • Insane customer service
  • A business plan with real financial potential
  • Full sales and marketing plan that will bring in new paying customers
  • Effectively leveraging technology
  • All administration perfectly running – accounting, filing, etc
  • Fully functional website with a TON of information and a full blown suite of products and services
  • CASH in the bank account
  • Oh..and suddenly have all the skills and knowledge to run a successful business!

These are all important – but only a successful solopreneur understands how to effectively prioritize and how to incrementally add to their business, from professional skills to product suite to how much one can give to the community. Don’t give up on what is possible.

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