Take Leadership into your Lifestyle! Bring EXTRAORDINARY back into your LIFE!

It is an honour that you’ve chosen to seek us as a partner to help you strengthen your Leadership Lifestyle as we know with this will make a ultra positive impact on your presence to your practice, your healing power, your clients, your loved ones and ultimately, yourself.

As long as you have the chance to serve people, help people, and create an impact, you have the chance to be a great leader” – Tuan Nguyen, Chief Genie

Please answer the following in the box below. Please be truly authentic in your response. We don’t need the stuff with fluff. You can answer by a youtube video (max 5 mins). You can send the link to leaderslife@healthgenie.ca.

  • Describe your gift
  • How did you realize this gift?
  • What does Leadership Lifestyle mean to you?
  • Why now?
  • (please keep under 1000 words)
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