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Future-Proof and Grow Your Business with

Digital Adoption and Marketing

Since 1996, our team of entrepreneurs developed a proven track record in supporting small and medium businesses successfully grow through digital adoption plans, digital transformation, digital marketing and leadership development products and services.

HealthGenie is where we come together to support small businesses that depend on adopting modern systems and skills to survive and thrive as our world becomes more technologically driven in all industries.

Your future-proof and sustainanable growth


Research & Planning

 We save you time and money. With over 100 years combined in digital adoption and marketing, we can support you in your journey

People & Process

Since 1996, we have seen tech evolve at a rapid pace. Having the right people and processes is core to future-proofing your business, regardless of digital evolution.

Adoption & Execution

We have experience in execution in both small to enterprise software, supporting both back-end operations to outbound digital marketing.

Purpose & Meaning

This is not a job for us. We are a team of conscious professionals where a sense of purpose and meaning are non-negotiables. 

Industries we serve


Professional Services

Firms offering legal, financial and related regulated professional services.

Owner-Operated Small Businesses

Locally-owned businesses that provide services locally as well as internationally.

E-commerce & Digital Businesses

Businesses that primarily sell products and services online.

Dental, Medical & Health

Dental, medical, wellness, fitness and related health clinics and centures

Services we offer

Digital Adoption Plans

Since 1996, we have been supporting in future-proofing and growing your business with digital audits, digital adoption plan and digital transformation plans

Digital Marketing and Branding

We have over 100 years combined in marketing strategies for online growth including content, SEO, social media, email marketing and Google My Business.

Fractional CMO

If you are scaling up, we provide fraction marketing leadership to develop strategies, systems and processes and replace ourselves with a full-time hire when you are ready.

Leadership Wellness

Supporting you with plans the grow and future-proof your business with technology and processes

Personal Branding

We focus our skills in growing social channels to millions of followers/views with our belief in authentic and unapologetic brands builds everlasting communities and loyal customers.

Business-Life Detox Retreats

We create a space for a deep dive into oneself and business. We combine both personal and business development into a transformation experiences that generate measurable results.

“I’m ready to Grow My business through digital adoption and marketing.”
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